Eddie Fisher & the Dodgers


A little Dodgers baseball quiz.  Who is the only singer to appear at a Dodgers home game in Sandy Koufax’s first year, 1955 and his last, 1966.  And who is the only singer to sing at Dodger games in their home ballparks in 3 different cities.  You might say, wait a minute the Dodgers only played in 2 cities.  Well you might say that, but you’d be wrong.  And the answer, well, it was Eddie Fisher.  Not a surprise if you looked at the title of this article.

Most people are aware that the Dodgers played in Brooklyn at Ebbets Field and in L. A. at Dodger Stadium (and also at the Coliseum), but only a relative few know that the Dodgers also played some of their home games in New Jersey in 1956 and 1957.

In 1956 the Dodgers played 7 of their home games at Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City and in 1957 they played 8, about 10% of their schedule.  At one point Walter O’Malley even issued a statement that if there was no new stadium built in Brooklyn that he might play the entire 1958 season in Jersey City. Well, he did desert Ebbets Field in 1958, but he moved the club a little further west.   One interesting side note was that while the Dodgers had their top farm team in the Northeast, the location of the stadium and the city they played these games in, was actually the home of the Giants highest level farm club.

The picture above is from May 31, 1955, when it was Eddie Fisher day at Ebbets Field.  In the photo Eddie is being presented a plaque noting that momentous occasion by Dodger great Pee Wee Reese.    Eddie also sang at Dodger Stadium during the 1966 World Series.  And on April 19, 1956, Eddie Fisher sang prior to the game as the Dodgers played their first game ever in Jersey City and raised their 1955 World Championship Banner, the only one they would earn while in Brooklyn, above Roosevelt Stadium.  Quite a game took place that day as the Dodgers defeated the Phillies by a score of 5-4 in 10 innings, pushing across two runs in the bottom of the 10th, after allowing the Phils one in the top of that inning.

I guess Eddie Fisher was good luck for the Boys in Blue.  In each of the years mentioned above the Dodgers were World Series participants.   And Fisher was quite a talent as well.  His powerful and thrilling voice, combined with a dynamic and emotive style, earned him gushing reviews and enormous popularity.  During his hey day in the 1950s he set a record that still stands for most Top 10 hits by a solo artist.

And his good looks and boyish charm earned him the love of 3 of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars, as Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor and Connie Stevens consecutively became Mrs. Eddie Fisher.   Examples of his vocal artistry abound on youtube.



  1. Jane Heller

    I was never a fan of Eddie, but I enjoyed reading your post about him and his relationship to the Dodgers. Every team needs a “good luck singer.” I guess Frank Sinatra fills that role for the Yanks since he sings “New York New York” after every game.


  2. Bruce

    I remember watching games at Roosevelt Stadium on TV. Eddie was one of three people who steered me to JOlson in the mid fifties. I watched him on Coke Time.
    The other two people were Joe Franklin, and Al Dorf, my uncle.

  3. Karole

    I was at that game at Ebbetts Field and got his autograph! My father was a Dodgers fan and took me to the game bc he knew I had a teen crush on Eddie Fisher! I even chose his song, Oh My Papa! as my wedding dance with my father. I am a Yankees fan but supported my dad’s choice until they moved out of Brooklyn. I also became disillusioned with Eddie when he cheated on Debbie with Elizabeth Taylor.

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